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Film Colorist | Color Grading | Picture Post Production
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film colorist color grading glenrothes whisky taiwan grade
In Commercials

Glenrothes Whisky | TV Commercial | Taiwan

film colorist color grading glenrothes whisky grade
In Content

Glenrothes Whisky | Halloween | Content

film colorist color grading scottish building society tv commercial grade
In Commercials

Scottish Building Society | TV Commercial

film colorist color grading stuk short film grade
In Short Films

STuK | Short Film

film colorist color grading natwest commercial content grade
In Content

NatWest | Paperless Mortgages | Content

film colorist color grading rbs commercial content grade
In Content

RBS | Paperless Mortgages | Content

film colorist color grading cr smith tv commercial grade
In Commercials

CR Smith | TV Commercial

film colorist color grading skoog apple commercial content grade
In Content

Skoog | Apple | Content

film colorist color grading edinburgh zoo tv commercial grade
In Commercials

Edinburgh Zoo | TV Commercial

film colorist color grading shy fx liam bailey music video grade
In Music Videos

Shy FX & Liam Bailey | Project Maldonado | Music Video

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Founder | Colorist

Matt Williams

As a DI Colorist, Matt can enhance all kinds of footage and create unique looks. Working across Commercials, Music Videos, Dramas, Documentaries, Short Films and Feature Films for online, broadcast delivery or theatrical distribution. He can work side by side with clients in our state of the art grading theatre, or work remotely.

Previous brands and clients include Vogue, BBC, Glenrothes Whisky and many Advertising Agencies across the world.

Languages: English.


Caroline O'Sullivan

Caroline is the first port of call for our clients. She's bi-lingual and brings with her a great understanding of the picture post production process. Caroline has a confident and calm manner, with excellent client skills and is highly organized. She works closely with Matt, ensuring smooth communication throughout the facility and with our clients.

Languages: English, German.

film colorist color grading logo

Film Colorist is an Award Winning Independent picture post production color grading facility for Commercials, Documentaries, Short Films, Feature Films and Music Videos crafted by our colorists using Davinci Resolve and state of the art equipment, including color critical monitoring.
Film Colorist is UK based and has an international focus doing remote work with global clients, some of which are situated in Berlin, Los Angeles, Tokyo and New York.

film colorist contact icon

Get in touch with Film Colorist to talk through your picture post production needs; tell us what cameras and lenses your film has been shot on. In addition, any details you think could be useful such as; DIT notes, camera notes. For instance, if any optical filters have been used. Similarly, mood/art boards can also be useful to convey the Director and Cinematographers vision for the color grade.

film colorist upload icon
Upload your footage

You can upload your footage to Film Colorist through the upload link in the menu. However, you can also come into our state-of-the-art grading theatre and bring the rushes in personally.

In addition, we also have plenty of coffee and comfy cinema seats in front of the big screen.

film colorist color grade icon
Color Grade

At Film Colorist we can color grade your film with clients present or send you clips during the grade. Therefore, you can be part of the process remotely.

We can also do remote grading through Davinci Resolve Studio which allows clients to view real time grading anywhere in the world.

film colorist finished grade icon
Finished Grade

Once we picture lock on the color grade, we will send you the final product – your finished grade from Film Colorist. In addition, we use Davinci Resolve Studio, and everything is quality checked from the grading theatre through our color critical monitoring and scopes before the finished picture is sent to the client.


Film Colorist

30 Stafford Street




+44 (0)131 538 3989